What sets us apart from other art therapy organizations, is our field Art Therapy Volunteer Program (ATVP). We invite art therapists to join our volunteer database to stay informed of opportunities to practice their skills in a developing country setting, where needs are dire, but services are non-existent.


On a rolling basis, we accept applications from both established art therapists and those in training who are willing to travel to developing countries to deliver expressive art therapy programs at oncological hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps, and other places with needs.  


Collaborating with recipient countries’ ministries of health, non-profits and development agencies, PCA arranges for the volunteers to get hands-on art therapy experience working on humanitarian causes bringing the relief and healing to the world’s least fortunate.  

 Field Art Therapist Program

As PCA is very new and just rolling out its activities, it provides the volunteers with a small stipend to cover cost of art supplies for the period of their assignment. Volunteers will be required to make own arrangements to cover the costs of travel and living expenses.


PCA will take care of the fieldwork logistics by connecting volunteers with its counterpart agencies in destination countries. PCA is willing to collaborate with applicants’ colleges and universities for the fieldwork to count toward their academic credit and/or internship.  

Determined to transform the ATVP into core operation under the health domain, PCA is currently in search of sustainable funding mechanisms to duly compensate the volunteers. Once the funding is secured, we will provide the volunteers with stipends sufficient to cover their round-trip airfare and living expenses at duty stations. Meanwhile, volunteers are required to secure their own funding to participate in the program.

Image: courtesy of the artist Coco Bee