Evidence suggests that meditation practice helps children deal with stressors of school and life. Increasingly, meditation and mindfulness practices are being incorporated into mainstream school curriculums showing promising results. We are offering a package of 8 meditation and art classes for children ages 6-10 to run every Saturday at 3 pm. Art cupplies are included in the cost of the package. (Class schedule: January 4/11/18/25 and February 1/8/15/22). For questions, contact: procure.art.usa@gmail.com.  

Art classes for children (January-February 2020)

  • A full refund requires a 60-days advance cancellation, 30-days cancellation (50% refund); less than 30 days (15%). For questions, contact the nonprofit at procure.art.usa@gmail.com. 

  • Our meditation and art sessions last 45 minutes (5-10 minutes meditation and check-in, and 30 minutes art work). In a group of up to 8, children are guided through a meditation asked to gently close their eyes, notice their breathing and become aware of the present moment. Children also asked to mute their cell phones and leave them aside for collection after a session is over. Art work activity will vary per session from free flow to guided process, making of a collage, vision board, other. The sessions are run in a sunlit calm environment of artist's home art studio.