Queenie Wong


Queenie Wong, is an aspiring Canadian artist better known as Coco Bee, draws upon her studies in clinical psychology and her passion for watercolours to create thought-provoking abstract paintings and short films. Having completed her undergraduate studies in Neuroscience and Psychology (B.Sc.), Queenie is presently completing her Master’s studies (M.Sc.) conducting clinical research under the Department of Medicine in Psychiatry.  

A personal period of dark sadness led her to adopt philosophies of ‘mindfulness’ and ‘art therapy’ for personal healing. Painting became her solace and the foundation in which she rebuilt her identity. From that moment, an exuberant dance between color harmonies and natural forms emerge from her canvas.


Her paintings elicit feelings of freedom, gentle relaxation, and joy in her audience. Having experienced first hand the powerful effects of art on mental health, it became Queenie’s mission to share her artwork in hopes to heal, inspire, and transform the lives of others.

Along with continual pursuits in the field of Medicine, Queenie makes short films to raise awareness and fundraise for humanitarian and non-profit organizations, including art therapy programs for paediatric cancer patients like PCA and Best Buddies programs for adults with physical and mental disabilities. By corroborate painting with cinematography, music, and poetry, Queenie’s short films become an un-invasive yet a powerful and compelling medium for storytelling. It is her greatest hope to use her aspirations of becoming a doctor and artist to not only help transform human pain into triumph but to also, slowly, but surely inspire change the world.