A story of a little boy..

Among the numerous remarkable memories at the hospital, one that particularly moved the founder of ProCure Art was the observed soothing effect of creative processes on a little boy, as he was administered chemotherapy:

In the midst of the art and play sessions, children were often pulled off by their parents or nurses and rushed to the ‘procedure room’ to not miss their window of chemotherapy. On one such occasion, a little boy had hesitantly left for a painful procedure, but returned right back asking to continue his unfinished artwork. He walked in to the playroom all giggly as, apparently, he had run away from the nurses to join us back in the art class.

Quite soon a nurse appeared at the doorway pushing an IV pole to the playroom, teasing the boy and saying kindly “..if you attempt to escape the chemo, then chemo will come near you...” Everyone laughed, including the boy, as administering chemo in the playroom was extraordinary.

The nurse connected the IV to the boy’s port in his tiny chest, and he continued his coloring project. But most importantly, he was SMILING as he painted through the treatment..

Those particular moments, witnessing the art's soothing powers at work on a child undergoing chemotherapy had determined Zukhra Boyette to transform her summer volunteer efforts into a true mission of delivering professional art therapy to the sick and disadvantaged.

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