Cecilia's story: Coping through cancer with Art.

Pro-Cure Art has curated a medical art exhibition for a stage-4 cancer patient Cecilia Corvalan. About 9 years ago Cecilia was diagnosed with a late stage breast cancer and was given only 6 months to live. According to Cecilia, the two reasons that keep her moving are her son, and her art.

Artist: Cecilia Corvalan

Cecilia's artistic skills' progress is remarkable. In less than two years, she's developed the advanced skills in painting, jewelry making and fashion design.

Artist: Cecilia Corvalan

Below is Cecili's letter to her audience, and a glimpse of an upcoming documentary about her unique approach to coping with cancer.

"Hello. My name is Cecilia Corvalan. Trained as a civil engineer, I spent a long time «lost» in the math formulas and equations. My adult life was devoted to transport infrastructure. I used to dream about highways, airports and ports. But when I just turned 40, everything was about to change. I was a new mom (my son was just one-year-old) when I heard the words that you are never prepared for: “You have cancer»... and not the «easy» one. It was cancer that had already spread throughout my body… stage-4 breast cancer! It does not matter what you did in your life - you are never ready to hear that! My whole life had changed in a matter of seconds... It took me awhile to figure out what to do with a life where all priorities and foundations have changed so quickly….

While I always loved Art with the capital “A”, I had never had time to explore it. With a new «canvas» in front of me, I had turned to colors to make my life somewhat different. I needed to chase away my fears, and to turn the negative thoughts into positive. Living to explore new words, I first tried enamels and jewelry. Then, almost by accident, I met a wonderful painter who introduced me into his magical world of girls and cats. He was so generous to share it with me. And in 2016 I began to paint…

What you see here is a portfolio of my artwork, as a result of many hours spent in my magical world, lost in colors, alone with my thoughts.. Today, I am lucky to share my world with you! I hope you enjoy viewing the art, as much as I have enjoyed making it!!!!!!

Thank you Pro-Cure Art for making this possible.

Cecilia Corvalan.

Washington D.C.

March 10, 2017"

Video production: Polina Leonovich.

Later this year, Pro-Cure Art is planning for the artist talks and art show for Cecilia. Stay tuned!

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