Medical Art Therapy

On August 7, 2017, Pro-Cure Art has launched an art therapy program for cancer patients and survivors in Washington DC metropolitan area. The project is a collaborative effort with the local nonprofit AIM Health Institute – an affiliate of the George Washington University Hospital - that delivers integrative health services for the low-income and terminally ill patients in DC area. The two nonprofits have come together to provide mental health services to cancer patients and survivors for help decreasing their psychological distress due to the diagnosis of cancer and readjustment to life after treatments. The program overarching goal is to improve participants health-related quality of life.

Art therapy session

The structure of the sessions align with the mindfulness-based art therapy approaches. The groups meet on Mondays and Tuesday for 2.5 hours of art therapy. Each session starts with a check-in mandala work followed by a 30-min guided meditation practice. After the meditation, participants involve in the art making process followed by a discussion of the expressive art work. The latter also takes a form of a support group environment where participants get to reflect on their feelings, emotions, share common experiences, and render each other an emotional support in a safe setting.

The program consists of 8 session per groups and is led by certified art psychotherapists. Participation in the program is free of charge.

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