About ProCure Art


ProCure Art (PCA) is a Washington-D.C. based international humanitarian nonprofit dedicated to improving the physical and emotional wellbeing of people and communities affected by adversity using art therapy psychosocial support. PCA enables disadvantaged individuals and groups to access professional art therapy services in order to promote their dignity, creativity and confidence, and to empower them to transcend adversarial life experiences with perseverance and a positive outlook. Integrity, compassion, professionalism and cultural humility are the core values of PCA.


Incorporated in Washington D.C. in November 2015 as an international nonprofit, PCA is in the process of getting its 501(c)3 tax-exempt status approved with the IRS. PCA is governed by a strong Executive Board and group of technical advisers, and is run by a small start-up team. The organization has a track record of international activities and has new domestic projects in the pipeline.



About the program


In partnership with the Center for Integrative Medicine (CIM) of the George Washington University (GWU) Hospital, ProCure Art is initiating a group art therapy program for adults with cancer.  The program’s overall goal is to improve the patients’ quality of life as they go through this difficult life experience, whereas the specific objectives include: (1) to ease the broad spectrum of symptoms associated with cancer treatment such as pain, anxiety, and discomfort; and (2) to assist patents’ emotionally in coping with the complex cancer-related issues such as lifestyle transition, communication of feelings, grief and other.

The program’s tentative start date is May 1, 2017. The program will be hosted at the CIM GWU Hospital premises and will be open to cancer patients in the metropolitan DC area. Program participation is free with a voluntary option of a small donation towards program costs.




The structure and goals of the groups will align with the mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT) approaches emphasizing mindfulness skills to be used while exploring a range of high-quality art media that promote patients’ creative expression (Peterson, 2015). Every group session will start off with a 15-20 minute meditation. Group goals will include fostering emotions that are associated with alleviating symptoms such as pain and anxiety and increasing self-compassion and a sense of wellbeing. The overarching aim is to decrease patients’ psychological distress and improve their ability to manage the many challenges surrounding cancer diagnosis and treatment. Initially, the program will be offered to cancer patients only, but as ProCure Art evolves, plans are to expand the program coverage to families and caregivers.  


Position summary


The art therapist will provide weekly group art therapy for adults diagnosed with cancer to help ease stress and anxiety associated with treatment experiences, stimulate creative expression, promote their emotional wellbeing and improve patients’ overall quality of life. Services will be offered to individuals at all stages of cancer diagnosis and treatment who will be recruited through the GWU Hospital and other DC hospitals. The program will run for at least one (1) year at an eight (8) week cycle each time it is offered. An experienced medical art therapist will conduct weekly group art therapy sessions at the CIM premises in the evening (6-8pm). Specifically, the art therapist’s duties will include:


  • Provide a weekly 2.5 hour art therapy group,

  • Assist the PCA program management in the interviewing and recruiting of participants by soliciting referrals from the local cancer centers, medical staff, and other venues,

  • Maintain the art supplies and timely inform PCA administration on needed materials,

  • Set up and take down the workspace before and after group sessions,  

  • Report monthly to the PCA management on progress while keeping track of program monitoring indicators,

  • Design and administer beneficiary surveys,

  • Report on program operations and needs to the PCA’s Director and Executive Board, and

  • Other related duties as assigned.



  • At least 5 years of experience practicing art therapy,

  • Experience working with adult cancer patients,

  • Master’s degree in the Art Therapy,

  • Art Therapy Registration (ATR) and ATR-BC (Board Certification) is highly recommended,

  • DC/VA/MD license in art therapy or mental health counseling,

  • Solid understanding of the artistic media and art therapy processes,

  • Superior interpersonal skills and insights into human behavior,

  • Compassionate, great listener and observer,

  • Experienced in meditation practice and techniques.





For the first six (6) months, the position will be unpaid -- the arrangement is also considered a probation period. Thereafter, ProCure Art will enter into a contractual agreement with the art therapist whose fees will be defined based on a number of factors, e.g. performance during the probation period, qualifications, years of experience, work program, market reference rate for the art therapy services, and other considerations.


When applying, candidates should understand that the initial six (6) months of work is volunteer-based.












This job description summarizes the main duties of the position. It neither prescribes nor restricts the exact tasks that may be assigned to carry out these duties. This document should not be construed in any way to represent a contract of employment. Management reserves the right to review and revise this document at any time.


ProCure Art is an affirmative action organization committed to providing equal professional opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age or disability with respect to its policies, programs, or activities.

Art Therapist

Position Title: Art Therapist

Area: Oncology

Number of Openings: 1

Position Location: Washington DC